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The Welcome Letter (Free Sample Template)

The Welcome Letter (Free Sample Template)


Welcome Letter Template

Respecting another representative to your organization is an exceptionally energizing time, both for the new worker and the organization itself.

Since this is the plain start of an ideally productive relationship, it is vital to begin off on a decent note. No weight yet the appreciated letter and onboarding process sets the tone for your whole expert association with your new worker.

Utilize this appreciated letter layout to control you through the simple advances. The letter will in a perfect world welcome your representative, spread out the initial couple of weeks at work and grasp any inquiries they may have.

We have developed this supportive welcome letter layout for you to store in your HR documents. Don’t hesitate to take this layout and include your very own identity and emission to it!

The Welcome!

This is entirely clear.

Utilize the main sentence to offer a warm welcome to the organization. From that point, include an individual touch. Explain to your new worker why you are so eager to welcome him to the group.

You may utilize this chance to customize the appreciated letter to the representative. Maybe you may choose a specific manner by which the worker awed you amid the meeting procedure. You may hover back to a thought or activity your new worker had in the meeting procedure. Impart your fervor to work with your new representative on said thoughts.

On the off chance that there is any kind of introduction process or mentorship task, notice it in the initial couple of sentences. In bigger organizations, introductions are useful, particularly while onboarding numerous new representatives without a moment’s delay. In any organization, it is great practice to allot a guide; somebody to whom your new worker can coordinate any inquiries. Beginning at another organization can be an overwhelming procedure. Having an introduction or tutor program set up makes the change stage considerably more safe.


Utilize the following segment to emphasize some broad organization approaches. You may clarify the run of the mill office working hours, the clothing standard (or deficiency in that department) and any week after week or month to month group building works out.

Utilize this territory to educate your new worker about things like acquiring a passkey, setting up email or Slack records, where he may discover the bathrooms and some other appropriate data for a novice. Is there a worker handbook? Present the worker handbook here by either including a connection to it or appending a printed version for the new representative.

Our Common Goals

Set aside some opportunity to go over the organization itself, the job, your desires and the group the new representative will work close by. On the off chance that your organization has an explicit philosophy or conviction framework that influences it uncommon, to depict it here.

Maybe you have a specific course of events for a venture or activity. On the off chance that you do, set aside this opportunity to spread out these plans, who they include and what course of events is included.

In the event that you don’t have a hard date, utilize this area to draw more extensive strokes. What will an everyday look like for your new representative? What would he be able to expect the following a half year to resemble?

Try not to get excessively stalled in overwhelming points of interest here. Utilize the Goldilocks Principle of telling the representative “simply enough”. Depict “sufficiently only” to rouse, energize and set genuine desires for the representative going ahead.

Different Goodies

Notwithstanding the appreciated letter, it’s decent to give a little swag. Everyone cherishes swag.

Welcome the new worker with a shirt or a scratch pad and pen. These little subtle elements go far.

When I began at Proven, I was welcomed with a T-shirt, a Moleskine scratch pad, a pen and a manually written note. Indeed, even the possibility of filling that journal with every one of my thoughts and diligent work was so energizing, I could scarcely contain myself.

Consider facilitating a type of occasion respecting another representative or new workers. A group lunch or party time is a decent method to acquaint the worker with the group in a more casual and easygoing way.

A decent business exercise when all is said in done: Small motions can have a gigantic effect.

Full Sample Welcome Letter


[Candidate Name]

[Candidate Address]

Dear [name],

It is with extraordinary delight that I invite you to [company]! We are exceptionally eager to have you going to play a part with us!

We were extremely inspired with your [experience as well as ability set] and we figure you will be an ideal expansion to our group. As we concurred , your begin date is [date] at [time]. Our commonplace available time are 9am – 5pm and our clothing is business easygoing.

I will interface you with [person] in Human Resources to acquire your passkey, organization workstation and sign the majority of your advantages printed material. I have likewise joined the organization handbook to this email for you to peruse.

You will likewise meet your guide, [mentor name] when you touch base on your first day. She will control you through the intricate details of the workplace. Furthermore, she will be accessible to answer any inquiries that may emerge.

We are anticipating getting you imbued in the [department] group. Over the next weeks and a while, we will cooperate on [initiative]. We are unbelievably appreciative to have your [skills and experiences] to round out the group and head towards beyond any doubt achievement!

We particularly anticipate working with you.

Warm Regards,

[your name]

[your title]

[company name]

In Conclusion

The appreciated letter, dissimilar to the end letter, is an energizing letter to pen. Utilize this chance further bolstering your advantage.

The onboarding procedure is an imperative time in another representative’s life at another organization. Utilize this opportunity to convey unmistakably the desires, advantages and substances of life at your organization. It is similarly imperative to utilize this opportunity to set another worker up for progress.

Communicating energy and excitement forthright can be a colossal spark for a representative beginning. Try not to pass up on this chance. On the off chance that you do, you may end up composing your next end letter sooner than you had trusted.

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